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Dimmuborgir: 22nd June 2019

Although there were no facilities at Namaskard, at our next stop, Dimmuborgir, there were plenty. A Visitor Centre, of course, and a snack bar. If bought anything here, you were given a token, which permitted you to use the toilet.

The attraction here is the extensive lava fields, deposited here by a long-ago volcanic eruption. Over time, the lava has solidified, and been carved by the elements into surrealistic pillars and stacks formed. On our short walk, we were shown a crack in the ground, which we were told was made by two tectonic plates, separating oh so gradually. But, we’ll see another such separation, much more dramatic, at Thingvellir, in a couple of days’ time.


In one or two places, the elements have actually bored a hole in the lava, and this was much favoured by photographers. There was a party near me … German or Dutch, I think … who were yelling at a woman who’d climbed up to the ‘hole’ with her kids, to get down, as she was ‘spoiling their photograph’.

But, I think she added something to it, don’t you?



  1. Yes, definitely. I often feel that the human element adds something to a photograph. The landscape alone is not always enough.

    • On my video, she appears in the centre of the circle with arms outstretched. I managed to rip a still from it, but the blowup, alas, wasn’t very satisfactory.

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