Posted by: travelrat | August 21, 2019

The Head of the Lake

Lake Lagarfljot: 21st June 2019

We drove right to the head of the lake, to visit the lovely little wooden Lutheran church at Valthofstadur. I really liked it for its simplicity; it’s for worshipping in, and meeting your friends, not for showing to tourists or demonstrating how clever the architect is. That’s a feature common to all the Nordic churches I’ve visited so far; the Arctic Cathedral in Tromsø, and the Børgund Church at Ålesund.


Then to the Vatnajokull National Park Visitor Centre. This shows that you must read the descriptions of shore excursions very carefully. I was expecting to see the glacier itself, which is some distance away from the Centre. But, reading the itinerary more carefully revealed that it was never the intention; we were just going to the Visitor Centre, although we did receive a lecture about the glacier.

A short walk brought us to Skridusklaustur, once home of local author Gunnar Gunnarsson, now a museum dedicated to him, and a restaurant, with a most welcome coffee shop. It’s an unusual building, with the white cement between the black basalt stones; similar to the ‘spotty houses ‘ on the Hebridean Isle of Tiree.


(I’m sure I have a picture of a Hebridean ‘spotty house’ somewhere, but I can’t lay my hand on it at the moment)

A short walk away are the excavated foundations of a former monastery … and an excellent viewpoint for a good panorama of the valley.

Lake Lagarfljot

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