Posted by: travelrat | July 28, 2019

What’s In A Name?

The other day, I received a ‘Friend Request’ on Facebook from a former colleague, Roger Fenwick. What I remember about Roger was how he pronounced his name. ‘Convention’ tells us that it’s properly pronounced as ‘Fennick’, but he used to sound the W.

‘I just got tired of correcting people!’ he used to say.

I thought of some other people I used to know, who must also have got tired of correcting people: Mahoney (mar-nee), Colquhoun (ka-hoon), Menzies (ming-iss) Wemyss (weems) Dalziel (dee-el) and many more.

Even though I get irritated when asked to spell my name … or even saying ‘That’s with two Ts’ … I think back to my friend Roy. He was with a group of colleagues checking into a hotel … and most them weren’t English. So, the receptionist hit on the idea of asking them to spell their names.



‘P-E-double R-O-T-E’


Then came Roy’s turn. Without a flicker, he intoned:


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