Posted by: travelrat | July 24, 2019

The Faroes

Sailing into Kollafjordur

Faroe Islands. 20th June 2019

We tied up at Kollafjordur, where there is nothing but a fish cannery and a few houses and has a population of only about a 700 souls.  Fortunately, there was a free shuttle bus to the nearby capital of Torshavn. In fact, we read a claim that anyone who just rode the bus into the town, and returned immediately would get something from the ride alone.

Considering its remoteness, Torshavn is an extremely busy harbour, surrounded by brightly painted wooden houses, many of which had a turf roof.  ‘People still live in them’ said the helpful young man at the Tourist Information kiosk ‘Please respect that!’

(That young man’s helpfulness really came to the fore when a fellow passenger slipped and broke his leg. His companions went to the Tourist Information kiosk to summon help, and he went up there, called an ambulance and ensured that the ship’s administration were informed)

We only had a couple of hours here. The ship had been supposed to arrive at 7 am, but was delayed by fog.

So, even though our departure was put back in 2.30 pm, we only had a short time there. And, it was raining! But, considering that the Faroes have, on average, 280 wet days in a year, that’s hardly surprising.

We had just enough time, really, for a quick look around, buy a postcard for the scrapbook, have a coffee and catch up on email … and the rain discouraged a longer stay.

Torshavn 2


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