Posted by: travelrat | July 21, 2019


We have our next trip booked; Cambodia and Vietnam in November. We’re now looking at options for the trip after that. Among the stuff we’re looking at are a couple of ‘land tour followed by cruise’ trips. This doesn’t really appeal, as I don’t like the idea of starting a cruise with a bagful of dirty washing.

It can be got around, if there’s a hiatus between the two, and you have time to hit the laundrette. I suppose the situation where a tour company will include your laundry bill as part of the package is just a pipe-dream?

Usually, if you use a hotel or cruise ship’s laundry, the charges are somewhat heavy; I’ve come across some places where it would almost be cheaper to buy a new shirt. A notable exception was on the Chinese river cruise, where they did our laundry, and returned it the same morning … and charged little more than pocket change. We were told that a similar situation exists in India, but we didn’t stay long enough in any one place to avail ourselves of the services of the dhobi wallah.

There is, however, the option of washing a few ‘knicks and socks’ out in the hand-basin of your room or cabin, and hanging them to dry in the shower. You can usually buy a liquid or powder especially formulated for this. It sounds a bit cheapskate, but a lot of folk do it … quite often, guests are requested not to hang their washing from the balcony.

Of course, you could forget about the washing altogether, and save it for when you get home. But, if you’re going away for more than a few days, sometimes, it means packing (and carting around!) every stitch you own!


  1. Great post 🙂

  2. If you are in any of the S.E. Asian countries, ask any of the little shops around, or the vendors on the beach, they will often do your laundry for you for little money. It’s surprising what you can get if you ask. Of course, you have no means of telling how good this will be, but it’s worth taking a chance on it, maybe having just one or two shirts done in the hotel for special occasions and the rest outside.

    • We’re doing an escorted tour of Cambodia and Vietnam in November. This might be worth checking out, although it depends how long it would take; in some places, we may not be be staying ln any one place long enough to take advantage of it.

      • Ah, then it may be back to washing in the sink in the bathroom and hanging stuff over the shower. A friend of mine carries two suction things around with her together with a piece of string to make a line across a bath. This is worth thinking about.

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