Posted by: travelrat | July 17, 2019

All At Sea


At Sea: 18th/19th June 2019

We awoke somewhere in the North Sea off the Yorkshire coast, and, although I’m on my tenth cruise, and have been out of the Air Force for twenty-odd years … I still can’t get used to a guy with four rings on his shoulders calling ME ‘Sir’!!

Our day is taken up mainly with port lectures … some by a pair of charming Ukranian ladies whose main business is selling shore excursions … but infinitely more interesting than the ‘lecturer ‘, of whom the kindest thing I can say is his instructional techniques left a lot to be desired!

I estimated five minutes of stuff I knew, ten minutes of stuff I didn’t want or need to know and the rest of the time, I went to sleep. I compared him with the last time I cruised with this company, the lectures were given by the delightful and amusing Jane-Anne Davey who, as they say in the theatre, played to a full house every time, and was so good extra presentations had to be arranged.

The lecture on the preservation of the Vulcan bomber, I skipped.

An unusual feature is the way they plate up a sample of each meal at dinner time, and put it on display outside the dining room to show diners what to expect.

On the second day, we sighted land! We passed between Fair Isle and Orkney … but we didn’t call there, which is a pity, because I’d like to see Skara Brea, and other prehistoric sites on Orkney. But, I don’t know of any convenient way to get up there … except a cruise stop. Maybe one day?

One passenger claimed to have seen a whale … and, indeed the port lecturer said we had a pretty fair chance of seeing whales and orcas, even if we weren’t especially looking for them. But, naturally, he made no promises!

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