Posted by: travelrat | July 14, 2019

‘Another Fine Mess’: Review

Another Fine Mess

Across Trumpland in a Ford Model T

Tim Moore

Yellow Jersey Press



I’ve just finished reading this … and it’s going to be difficult to review it, because I decided from the outset I was going to keep politics out of the blog.

It’s a ‘Brysonic’ tale of a trip across the United States in a 1924 Model T Ford, through the heart of ‘Trump-voting’ country. The author vividly describes his adventures and misadventures, with a good leavening of history and a slice of politics thrown in. The politics, however, can be disregarded; what remains still makes for a good read.

There’s a good account of the people he met, especially those who helped him on his way … who knew there were so many Americans who knew about … indeed, enthusiastic about Model Ts? If there’s any message at all, it shows there are still good people around, no matter how they voted. .

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