Posted by: travelrat | July 11, 2019

Thing We Didn’t See: Tree Climbing Goats

TGC2-Tree climbing goat

Tiout: 5th February 2019,

Now, we’re wondering. Do we add ‘tree climbing goats’ to our list of ‘things we went to see, but didn’t’? Although it’s certainly correct to add ‘ … on this occasion’. By the time we left Tiout, we were well behind schedule, and the goat-herders had probably gone home to dinner, and taken their goats with them.

I wasn’t too disappointed. We’d seen tree-climbing goats on the way back from Essaouira the other day, and I have some pictures taken on our visit in 2002, which I’m showing here. But, I did want to take some video.

Goats find the leaves of the argan tree irresistible, and can get up into the trees via low-hanging branches. I did once read an article that said the goats can’t get up there by themselves, and need an assist from the goat-herd. But, when we photographed those goats back in 2002, there was no goat-herd in sight. The practice does go on, though; boys have been known to haul the goats up into the trees, to solicit donations from passing photographers.

Achmet, our guide on the 2002 trip, said it was an easily detectable deceit. Goats which were hauled up there stand stock still; those who got up there of their own accord move about, grazing from branch to branch.

‘Look at these goats!’ said Achmet ‘Not only do they stand still, they’re all facing in the same direction. I think they face Mecca, and pray to God to get them down from the tree safely!’

Tree climbing goats

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