Posted by: travelrat | July 4, 2019

The Oasis

The Kasbah from Tioute Oasis

Tiout: 5th February 2019,

I had been looking forward to the next part of our tour, the walk around Tiout Oasis. Sadly, I was gravely disappointed.

In 2002, Mohammed, a charming young man, proudly showed us around his grandfather’s ‘garden’, and we greatly enjoyed the tour. But, I assume in the meantime, the place has changed ownership, for it’s now a tawdry tourist catchpenny.

Donkeys awaited us at the gate, and some of the group paid 50 dirhams for a ride around the oasis. Some didn’t … one lady didn’t, because she had read a magazine article saying not to ride donkeys anywhere, because they are often mistreated. I didn’t … because the guide insinuated that, if I didn’t ride, the donkey-owner wouldn’t eat that night. Judging by the quality of the donkey-owners wristwatch, I doubted that very much.

And, after a dusty, dreary trudge, the guide indicated very clearly that he wanted a tip! I refrained from giving him a two-word answer, and just boarded the coach.

I didn’t take many really satisfactory pictures, so here’s one from 2002. (That’s Mohammed in the picture)


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