Posted by: travelrat | June 9, 2019

Solstice at Sea

In a couple of weeks, it will be the Longest Day of the Year in the Northern Hemisphere. And, the further north you go, the longer the day will be. Until you reach the Arctic Circle, at which point the sun will not set at all on the few days either side of the Summer Solstice, or the Longest Day. Norway, in particular, advertises itself as the ‘Land of the Midnight Sun’; six months later, it’s the ‘Land of the Mid-day Darkness’, but they don’t advertise that quite so much.

Living a short bike-ride from Stonehenge, I can’t avoid the Summer Solstice (or the Winter Solstice, to which I believe the Ancients attached much more importance), for the crowds who come to worship, party or just be here.

This year, though, on the 20th June, I shall be on the High Seas … if all goes well, I should be midway between the Faroe Islands and Iceland. That’s just below the Arctic Circle … but I once took a photograph of the Black Cuillin, on Skye, in the ‘simmer dim’ about 11 pm.

So, if all goes well, and weather permitting, I shall be on deck at midnight, and hope to get a picture of the ‘sunset that isn’t really a sunset’. Or, maybe the sunrise a few minutes later!


  1. Looking forward to your trip report – enjoy.

    • Thanks! Not long now; I’ve already had the ‘If you’re taking it with you, put it in the wash tonight’ notice! 😀

  2. Serious organised planning indeed!!! Very impressive!!

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