Posted by: travelrat | May 23, 2019

India’s Transport Museum

Transport Museum 2

Delhi: 28th September 2018

So, we come to the last leg of our journey; back to Delhi for the flight home. On the way, we called at the Transport Museum. This is a really interesting place, formed around the collection of one man. Surprisingly, though, considering their importance in India’s transport infrastructure, trains weren’t very well represented. There were just one or two non-working engines … but, there was an aeroplane!

What there was were quite a few of was Royal Enfield motor-bikes. Long after they lost their popularity in Britain, they were manufactured … in the literal sense, hand made … in India. It used to be they were seen everywhere, but their numbers are now declining, being superseded by Japanese models. The ‘RE’, though, I have a particularly soft spot for, because my first-ever motor bike was a Royal Enfield.

Transport Museum 1


Transport Museum 3

Our destination for the night was the Taj Hotel, in Delhi. Possibly, it was the most luxurious of all, but really intended for business travellers, and one in which I usually feel a little out of place. But, the buffet offered one of the best dishes of sweet and sour pork I’ve ever tasted, and for that, I’ll forgive a lot!

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