Posted by: travelrat | May 21, 2019

The Water Seller

Water Seller

Agadir: 4th February 2019

The water sellers are usually to be seen in the markets in Morocco. They wear the traditional red costume and conical hat, and are festooned with the brass cups in which they serve their water. I wouldn’t think there’s much call for their services these days, because bottled water is available almost everywhere. And, I’d need firm assurances about where the water came from before I bought any.

But, I suppose tradition dies hard; after all, there are some places in Britain that still employ a Town Crier, even though, for practical purposes, he’s long been superseded by newspapers, radio, television and other media.

I photographed one on the seafront at Agadir… in exchange for a few dirhams in one of his cups. A long way from the market, and an unusual place to find one, I thought. But, I suspected for a long time that they’ve made more money from being photographed than they did from selling water.

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