Posted by: travelrat | May 5, 2019

Faroe Islands

Our cruise next month will call briefly at the Faroe Islands. That’s a name most British people will be familiar with, having heard it mentioned daily on the BBC Shipping Forecast on Radio Four. But, that’s the limit of most people’s knowledge, and what I’ve been able to research so far has been rather scant.

They’re an island group, about equidistant from Norway, Iceland and Scotland, but they’re under the protection of Denmark. They do, however, enjoy a good deal of autonomy … for instance, they’re not a member of the EU, although Denmark is. A relationship, I would imagine, similar to that of our own with the Isle of Man.

We’ll be docking at a place called Kollafjordur, which, I am informed, is a small fishing port of about 700 souls, which doesn’t offer much in the way of attractions. And, looking at Google Earth, it would seem that not much has changed since my informant, a former officer in the German Merchant Marine, was there. There is, however, a free shuttle bus into Torshavn, the capital, and we may well use that, rather than take an organised tour.

They’re not making any promises about the weather, according to their website. ‘Expect the best, but prepare for the worst’ would seem to be good counsel here. However, we’ve been lucky in Bergen and Ketchikan, despite gloomy warnings that the weather may not be the best, so, who knows …?

If you mention the Faroes to some people, you’ll get the response ‘Isn’t that where they kill whales?’

They do indeed, but they don’t kill them for the hell of it. Although it’s a ‘long standing tradition’, the hunts, or grindadrap, are strictly regulated. The whales, Long Finned Pilot Whales, which are not endangered, are killed for their meat, which is shared with everyone on the islands.

There’s a good account of this in Charlie Connolly’s Attention All Shipping … and I am extremely grateful to this gentleman, because, otherwise, this post would largely be a paraphrase of Wikipedia!


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