Posted by: travelrat | May 2, 2019

The Camel Ride

Camel Ride-0

Vanushyraa: 27th September 2018

After we’d settled in at Vanushyraa, they took us for a camel ride. Not on camel-back … having previous experience, we’d probably have passed on that … but on a camel-drawn cart. I say again … on, not in! The cart is simply a flat-bed, with a large cushion sort of affair, on which you sat, two or four to a cart, and hung on to the straps provided.

They took us to a nearby village, where we stopped at a farm house, where they’d prepared tea for us … real tea, made in the traditional way. It tasted rather like Australian ‘billy tea’ … except the water was boiled over a fire of dried dung rather that eucalyptus twigs!


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