Posted by: travelrat | April 25, 2019


View from the Fort Door Vanushyraa

Vanushyraa: 27th September 2018

Our destination tonight was the ‘Jungle Camp’ at Vanushyraa. It was like no other camp I’ve ever been in before; I suppose it could be called ‘glamping’? The cabins were circular, stone-walled buildings, with what we were led to believe was a canvas roof. In the military, we called similar buildings ‘sangars’; the whole thing was slightly reminiscent of an African rondavel.

It’s a prime location for bird watching, but, at first glance, there didn’t appear to be much else to do. But, they’d laid on an excursion for us, which I shall tell about later … and, on returning to the complex, we were entertained by a cooking demonstration, and a presentation by folk musicians and dancers, before dinner.

Our only mild complaint was the tiny insects, like black ladybirds, only a quarter of the size, that we found in the room before we retired. But, a few squirts of our ‘dinkum Aussie’ bug spray dealt with them, and we spent a fairly peaceful … and unbitten … night.

Entertainment at Vanushyraa

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