Posted by: travelrat | April 21, 2019

More Write Stuff

It’s rather flattering when people contact me after they’ve read something I’ve written, and say something like:

‘This is good! You should write a guide book!’

That, actually, is something I’ll never do. I just can’t be bothered traipsing round hotels, restaurants and the like gathering information. I very rarely stay in one place long enough, anyway. I don’t think I could even write a guide to Salisbury … although I’ve lived here over 20 years. So, my hat’s off to all those compilers whose (usually) painstaking research culminates in those handy little books you slip into your pack when venturing abroad.

All I can do really is simply record my impressions of places, without setting myself up as any kind of expert. What’s got under my toenails this week is the writer who spends a couple of weeks somewhere, and believes himself, or herself as an authority on the place, and produces stuff like:

‘What You Need to Know About the Republic of Upchuk’

You’ll find that some of it are things you didn’t ‘NEED to know’ anyway; much of the rest is just courtesy and common sense which applies anywhere.

Another thing is ‘Ten Lists’. I can’t come down too hard on them, because I do the odd ‘ten list’ myself. But, I still sometimes ask, when I see something like ‘Ten Best Restaurants in Shitole’ … do they mean ‘ten most expensive restaurants …’ or, maybe ‘Ten Places I Blagged a Free Meal in Return for a Promise to Write Something Nice About Them’?

Before anyone calls me out on this … let me say, yes, I do accept the occasional freebie. But, I’ll always include a statement to that effect, and let the reader make his or her own mind up.

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