Posted by: travelrat | March 28, 2019

Imouezzer Valley

Atlas 3

Atlas Mountains: 1st February 2019

Today’s road trip took us to the Imouezzer Valley, high in the Atlas Mountains. Once again, this was a private tour, just us and the driver/guide.   Our first stop was at one of many ‘botanical gardens ‘; really a herb garden, run by a women’s co-operative, making all kinds of herbal medicine and cosmetics. Their main product was argan oil. The ‘gravel’ of the path was actually the discarded shells of the argan kernel.


They also produced honey; in different flavours, according to the kind of trees or flowers the bee-hives were placed near.

At the altitude we climbed to, I would have expected snow on the ground, but, already, many of the trees were in blossom.

The highlight of the trip would have been the Imouezzer Cascades, but there was no water in them. Rachid, the guide, said the rains had failed this winter. But still, many of the souvenir stalls were manned, and a short trek to where the falls should have been did reveal a rather attractive pool, with the merest trickle of water percolating through the soil above.


It wasn’t a disappointment by any means. The mountain scenery on the way here would have been quite enough … we didn’t know about the waterfall till the guide told us, anyway.

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