Posted by: travelrat | March 21, 2019

Agadir Market

Agadir Market 1

Agadir: 31st January 2019.

After nine years faithful service, and having travelled with me to several countries, one of my sandals finally gave up the ghost.  So, we made our way to the Suq in search of a new pair.

The covered market covers an extensive area of ground, and, whatever you need, it’s probable you’ll find it here somewhere. Although, when you enter the market, you could be forgiven for thinking it sold only food.  But, eventually, you’ll come across stalls and shops where everything is sold … and the shopkeepers and stallholders become more persuasive.  On the food stalls, where the vendors probably realised we were unlikely to buy anything, we simply got a smile, a wave or a greeting.

Agadir Market-2

We found a pair I liked, and then, of course, the bargaining started, and we finally agreed a price. Our transport both ways was the ubiquitous ‘petit taxi ‘. In Agadir, they’re always orange, and I believe the standard fare is 20 dirhams (abour £2) to anywhere in the city.

Agadir Market-1.jpg


  1. Oh dear ….. new boots last week and now this — you’re falling apart!! Many happy miles in your new footwear!

    • Not worried about the sandals … they were showing their age a bit. But, the boots went to the charity shop with many a mile still in them!

      (I tend to keep my car till it fails its MoT drastically, too!) 😀

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