Posted by: travelrat | March 19, 2019

Food of Rajastan

When we visited China a few years ago, our meals were as varied as the country itself. Our guides took care to see that we sampled as wide a variety as possible, and to explain what we were eating. A very small proportion of the dishes weren’t to my taste … but I don’t like all English food, either.

What a contrast, though, to the food we had on our recent visit to India. Certainly not what you’d get in an Indian restaurant at home; indeed, one guy said he’d never heard of some of the dishes on offer in London. Just about everywhere, the meals were the same; served buffet style, with a few varieties of rice and vegetarian stews called paneer. Carnivores were usually catered for by a chicken curry and a lamb rogan josh. Sometimes, these dishes seemed almost an afterthought.

They’re both dishes I sometimes make myself, but I use diced meat. Here, they just chopped it up and tossed it in, bones and all.

Our guide tried to explain:

‘We can’t eat beef; we won’t eat pork. In fact, most of us are vegetarian’

But, there is social media, on which I have several Indian contacts,

‘That’s just Rajastan’ said one ‘come to our part of the country, and we will really show you some food!’ 

Further researches revealed that, in fact, only 20% of Indians are vegetarian. Indeed, contrary to popular belief, some of them eat beef. Although one lady did say that she did occasionally get strange looks when she ordered it.

I’m not saying the food was bad, just rather unremarkable and repetitive. And, a sure guide to this … I never photographed it!

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