Posted by: travelrat | March 17, 2019

Boots, Boots, Boots ….


I have just bought a new pair of boots.

I suppose I’ll need them when we go to Iceland in June. I did have a pair (pictured) which I bought around 1990-ish. They’ve walked with me all over the UK, although they did spend a considerable time ‘in retirement’, because I moved away from the ‘fun stuff’, but were re-instated for trips to the French Alps and Norway. They were still good for a few more trips, and were wonderfully comfortable …. BUT

It was decreed they were too heavy, took up too much space and I didn’t use them any more … for most of my walking these days, I can wear running shoes, or even sandals … so they had to go.

Would such footwear be appropriate for Iceland, though? I found a pair of reasonably priced lightweight boots, and bought them. But, like most footwear, lightweight or not, they do require a certain amount of ‘breaking in’ … fortunately, not as much as those horrible military boots of the early 1960s. By the time they’d been broken in, though, I’d finished my basic training, and was allowed to wear shoes!

Rumour had it that you could speed up the breaking in process of those ‘beetle crushers’ by urinating in them, and leaving them to stand overnight. I never put that to the test, suspecting it to be urban myth, designed by the older hands to wind up the ‘rookies’. But, judging by the smell in our billet on some nights, it seems that some unsuspecting souls fell for it!


  1. Ah no – the dreaded breaking in period! I hate changing walking shoes! And when I eventually do buy a n new pair, the old ones which I’ve been giving out about for ages, have suddenly become a prized possession! Well many happy miles in your new boots!

    • Even lightweight fabric boots need a couple of trips to the paper shop before serious use. Mine aren’t quite there yet, but I’m sure they’ll be OK come June.

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