Posted by: travelrat | March 5, 2019

A Stroll Along the Seafront

Agadir Seafront

Agadir: 30th January 2019

Having nothing to do until the evening, I took a walk along the seafront after breakfast. There’s lots of fitness equipment installed at regular intervals, which anyone is free to use … and it was being used extensively.

I felt sorry for the poor guy trying to sell paintings, which were propped up on the seawall. In the half-hour I watched him, nobody stopped to look, or even glanced in his direction.  I suppose you get used to it, when every third stallholder and street vendor sells paintings. But, I didn’t feel sorry enough for him to buy a painting; they were a bit too bright and garish for me.

I say again …  for me!! You can see similar paintings offered for sale just about anywhere you go, so they must float somebody’s boat?


In the evening, we went for a traditional Moroccan meal, with displays of music and dancing, followed by a performance of horsemanship and acrobatics.  It was only spoilt a little by 40 minutes of ‘Death by Loudspeaker’  on the coach ride there and back, by a tour guide with a dodgy amplifier, who didn’t know when to shut up.


  1. Don’t you just hate loud mics in the coach, especially on the way back when most people want to just settle down and think about the evening they’ve just had. I once fell for a painting sold like the above. It was in London along the Bayswater Road during the Black Velvet paintings phase – do you remember that? Home, and it looked tawdry so it was relegated to the basement workshop.

    • This guy was just talking for the sake of it … I don’t really think anyone was all that interested in ‘Morocco’s most famous supermarket’.

      On paintings … I think if I was going to buy one, I’d want to see it in similar lighting conditions to the room in which I intended to hang it.

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