Posted by: travelrat | February 12, 2019

Flight to Agadir


Agadir: 28th January 2019

A fairly uneventful trip so far. Once more, we stayed the night at the Russ Hill Motel near Gatwick Airport, where they offer an accommodation and parking package.  So, a very early start to catch the flight.

Check in and bag drop were fully automated, although a staff member was on hand to show us how it worked, which I thought rather defeated the object.  We’d paid a supplement for seats by the emergency exits for the extra legroom they gave us, and it was well worth it.

Arrival in Morocco demonstrated one of the disadvantages of travelling in … or even with … a group. The interminable queueing for everything.  We’re staying at the Tikida Dunas Hotel, which is purely a resort hotel. There’s an extensive programme of things to do, but we probably won’t be taking advantage of too many of them, having a programme of our own booked.

The hotel is set in extensive gardens, with many swimming pools, and a duck pond. It looks vaguely Japanese in places. The whole affair seems to be a complex of gardens and water features, with the hotel added as an afterthought.  The main disadvantage, though, is trying to negotiate your way to breakfast along a poorly lit path in the pre-dawn darkness.

Hotel Tikada Dunas

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