Posted by: travelrat | January 20, 2019

High Force

high force, upper teesdale

Teesdale: 27th December 2018.

When we set out to see High Force, I was sure I’d been there before. But, nothing seemed familiar; I didn’t remember the road and the car park being so close, and I thought it was further out in the ‘back of beyond’, with a long-distance footpath running beside it. It was only later, I consulted some old notebooks, and realised I’d got it confused with the waterfall at Cauldron Snout, which is also in the area, but some miles away.

It’s doubly funny because, back in the day, I used to get Cauldron Snout confused with another waterfall, Cautley Spout.

High Force is the spot where the River Tees encounters a ban of igneous rock known as the Whin Sill, and drops over 70 feet.  It’s sometimes claimed as the highest waterfall in the country, but this is surpassed by Hardraw Force and Cautley Spout. It does, however, have the greatest volume of water passing over it.

However, facts and figures have nothing to do with the quality of a waterfall. It may be thought that, having seen the Iguazu Falls, all others would pale into insignificance. Not a bit of it; every fall of water, from the highest and widest to the stately trickle, has its own individual character. While High Force falls far short of other falls around the world in dimension, I still wouldn’t care to ride it in an old inner tube.


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