Posted by: travelrat | January 13, 2019

Scotch Corner


scotch cornerScotch Corner: 26th December 2018

Tonight, we’re staying at the Holiday Inn, at Scotch Corner. Lately, I’ve been getting into the habit of posting a view from our hotel window, and this was no exception. It’s by no means my greatest shot, or the view all that inspiring. But, there’s history of a sort here.

Now, before any of my friends north of the border start chorusing ‘ScottISH Corner’, let me say it’s been called that from the old coaching days, when travellers left the Great North Road, (later, the A1 and nowadays the A1(M) ) to wend their way over Bowes Moor and Brough Moor to Penrith, Carlisle or Glasgow, via what is now the A66.

There’s always been a hostelry here, too; back in the early 60s, I remember it as the Scotch Corner Hotel. I’ve stood on that corner many a time, for it was a prime location for hitching a lift on northbound trucks.

The Scotch Corner Hotel was, in those days, rather exclusive, and, sometimes, someone from there would come out, and request us to move down the road a little way. Not, they’d hasten to say, that they had and objection to Servicemen thumbing lifts … but didn’t like those rather vulgar trucks stopping outside their hotel!


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