Posted by: travelrat | January 8, 2019

Schloss Augustsburg

schloss augustsburg

Schloss Augustsburg

Brühl: 7th April 2018

This morning, we docked in Cologne, but didn’t really visit the city. Instead, we went to Brühl. I think we must be some of the very few people to visit that town, and not go to Phantasialand. (We did visit with our kids, when we lived in Germany in the 70s, and it was then one of the best amusement parks anywhere)

We went to Augustsburg Castle, an ostentatious pile built by one Clemens August, the Archbishop of Cologne … who had previously, in turn, been Prince-Bishop of half a dozen German states, as well as being related to royalty, and holding several noble titles as well. Remember, in his day, Germany, as we know it today, was a sort of loose confederation of kingdoms, principalities, grand duchies, duchies and goodness knows what else. That’s probably the reson that, in some areas, there seems to be a castle on every hilltop.

Augustsburg Castle served mainly to show what a powerful, influential, important and rich person he was.  And, he wasn’t content with that; not far away is Falkenlust, his equally ostentatious hunting lodge, strategically placed on the usual route of migrating herons. Now, ‘hunting lodge’ conjures up a mind-picture of a fairly simple structure, mainly to shelter hunters from the elements while they ate. But, elsewhere, Falkenlust might be regarded as a pretty substantial residence. Which left me not admiring the architecture … I think I’ve had my fill of German rococo architecture, which seems to my tastes rather like over-egging the pudding … but wondering what heron tastes like.



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