Posted by: travelrat | December 20, 2018

Here Be Tygers … Allegedly!

Ranthambore 4

Ranthambore: 24th September 2018

We had an early start this morning, to board a robust, open-topped bus for a bone-shaking ride to the Ranthambore National Park to … hopefully … see tigers. The road to the Park was bumpy; the roads, or rather the tracks within the park were bumpier still. On the upside, we didn’t have any cows or other traffic to consider.

Ranthambore 3

We had … or rather, the guide had … a good idea of where tigers; a mother and two cubs were. He worked this out by the actions of birds, monkeys and such, trying to avoid becoming the tiger’s breakfast. These are true wild animals, he said. The staff don’t feed them, but there were plenty of animals within the park for them to feed on. So, sightings could never be guaranteed.

We staked the area out for quite a while, but we didn’t see any. The guide said they were down in a narrow gully, but whether the bus couldn’t physically get down there, or we weren’t allowed to approach too closely, I don’t know. Probably both were factors?

We did, however, see many colourful birds, spotted deer, a black buck or nilgai and several monkeys.

Ranthambore 2

We returned in the evening, but, again, had no luck spotting the tigers. However, we spent a considerable time watching a peacock displaying, and trying to attract a peahen … apparently, he wasn’t having much success, either!

This is where I step away from the blog for a few days, to depart on my annual festive ‘visit the family’ road trip. May I take this opportunity to wish all who celebrate it a happy and peaceful Christmas! 


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