Posted by: travelrat | November 27, 2018

Käthe Wohlfahrt

Rot 4

At this time of year, the main complaint is that Christmas comes far too early. It’s coming up to the end of November, and, in some places, the Christmas markets are already open, and the Christmas decorations are up. At most supermarkets, it’s been so since the beginning of the month, when the ‘shelf fairies’ laboured through the night to clear all the Hallowe’en witchy and ghosty stuff away, and replace it with Christmas gear.

Imagine my surprise then when, in early April, I wandered into a shop in Bamberg to buy some postcards for my scrapbook … and found it stacked from floor to ceiling with Christmas goods!

However, I found later this is a branch of the Käthe Wohlfart ‘Christmas shops’. This is a company founded in 1964, by husband and wife Wilhelm and Käthe Wohlfahrt, and later taken over by their son, Harald. It sells Christmas decorations and articles all year round, and their headquarters is in Rothenburg, where it moved from Herrenburg, near Stuttgart in 1977.

It has branches all over Germany, and we saw some in Rothenburg and in Rüdesheim. But, we didn’t go in. I still think April is far too early to be buying Christmas stuff. But, I was surprised to find it has a handful of branches in other countries too … our nearest one is in York.

Ru 6

They also have a stall at various Christmas markets. I wonder if they’ll have one at our local one in Salisbury?




  1. I was told off for touching something in that shop in Rothenburg!

    • I didn’t go into the shops at Rothenburg or Rüdesheim … and just bought postcards at Bamberg. Christmas stuff in April just seemed kind of strange!

      • It seems to get earlier each year but one is hardly in the mood for it in April.

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