Posted by: travelrat | October 23, 2018

Historical Photo Exhibition


Amesbury: 19th October 2018

Today, I went to an exhibition of historic photographs of Amesbury. I wasn’t really expecting great things, for the exhibition was to be held in the church. Not a great place to display the pictures at their best, I thought. But, the church of St Mary and St Melor isn’t the dark and dismal place I’d imagined … it’s pretty light and airy compared with other churches I’ve visited.

They had an unusual way of displaying the pictures, too. Not on display boards, or just hung on the wall, but each photograph was suspended on a string from the roof. And, if you wanted to inspect any photo more closely, they were all laminated, so you could handle them.

I was expecting the sort of ‘Salisbury Street as it is now, but with a horse and cart instead of a delivery van’ pictures. True, there were a few of these, but also many which it seemed had been taken from much-loved family albums, which added a great deal of interest to the exhibition.

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