Posted by: travelrat | October 21, 2018



Guess who my favourite author is? 

‘If you want to keep your books and your friends, never lend the former to the latter’ (Anon.)

Books are no more threatened by Kindle than stairs by elevators’ (Stephen Fry)

I have to admit to owning a Kindle. It’s really handy while travelling, or even waiting for a bus, or the doctor or something. But, I still have a soft spot for the printed book; I like the feel of it, sometimes the smell … although I can’t afford the sumptuous leather binding that the ‘upper classes’ used to go for.

I’ve often visited stately homes and such, and seen the vast libraries complete with wall-to-wall books. And, I’ve often wondered … did they ever read them all, or were they just for show? My old teacher often said she could usually judge a person’s character by the books on their shelves. She’d either have to go to the upstairs landing to see mine … or base her judgement on my CD and DVD collection.

Maybe they did read them all? I have nothing like the space in which to keep everything I read; that’s why, when asked if I use the Public Library, I reply:

‘Of course I do! There’s no way I could afford to buy all I read, and I have nowhere to store it if I had!’

I often receive books as presents. I read, and enjoy them all, and I’ll keep the best of them. But, sometimes, when I’ve finished them, I’ll donate them to the Public Library They’ve suffered some rather nasty budget cuts in recent years, so they’re always gratefully received.

It may seem, at first, a rather shabby way to treat a gift … but I think the giver would rather I shared it than have it forgotten, and gathering dust on my shelves.

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