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Delhi: 21st September 2018

There was a considerable delay on our flight to Delhi. One of the passengers was a no-show … we learned later that she’d had a heart attack … so there was a delay while her luggage was offloaded, and a further delay when they found one of the latches on the cargo hold faulty. An engineer soon fixed it, but it took some time to find a supervisor to sign his work off.

So, we were two hours late arriving in Delhi, and it was mid-afternoon before we arrived at our hotel.

Delhi Traffic

After a belated lunch, we took a coach drive through the frantic, crowded streets of Delhi to the ruins of the Quwwat al Islam mosque and its imposing Qutb Miner tower. Ruined, it may have been, but there were still lots of visitors. Nonetheless, it was still relatively peaceful compared to the bustling streets outside.

Qutb Miner Tower

That’s all we had time for in the fraction of the afternoon we had left to us. With the delay to the flight, that’s all we really had time for. But, Dilip, our guide, promised we’d make it up tomorrow.

At dinner that night, we ordered beer … and we were impressed, and amused at the way the  waiter presented the label with all the aplomb of a wine waiter!

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