Posted by: travelrat | September 18, 2018

We’re going on a Tiger Hunt!


I just happened to come across this picture, which I took at the Royal Armouries in Leeds a couple of years back. However, on our upcoming visit to India, we probably won’t be riding any elephants, and certainly won’t be shooting any tigers.

But, hopefully, we’ll be seeing some, when we visit the Ranthambore National Park. This was once a hunting preserve of the Rajahs … even the Queen went shooting tigers here in the 1950s, although her success or otherwise is not recorded. Nowadays, though, the Park is committed to the preservation of tigers.

Now, here’s a question … if we do see any (sightings are by no means guaranteed), and get some acceptable pictures, do they count as being taken ‘in the wild’? When we saw pandas at Chengdu a couple of years ago, they try to keep them in as natural a surrounding as possible, but they could be classified as ‘captive’ animals … indeed, you are hard put to keep the feed-bowls, etc. out of your picture. If you really want to see a panda in the wild, you’ll have to travel to the back of beyond, and your visa will probably expire before you spot any.

Personally, I’d advise to just state where the picture was taken, and let the beholder decide.

Or, how about this for a yardstick? Are the animals fed, or just left to range, and find their own food? I don’t know what the case is at Ranthambore … but I shall certainly ask.

Tiger Chester Zoo


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