Posted by: travelrat | September 9, 2018

Passage to India

Eleven days to go until the next trip, and where are we going this time?

It seems like only yesterday we were paging through brochures, trying to decide where to go next when:

‘What do you think of this?’

‘This’ was a reasonably-priced conducted tour of part of India, which included a ride of the ‘Toy Train’ to Shimla. Since I’ve always been a fan of Indian railways, especially hill railways, I was sold! Even though the only contact I’ve had so far was sitting in a coach from (I think) the Indian Princess, which they brought to the World Travel Market in London.


(I like to kid myself this picture gave Michael Portillo the idea for those great pastel-coloured jackets he wears in his railway programmes)

However, for some reason, this trip wasn’t available at the time we wanted to go so, instead, we opted for a Golden Triangle tour, taking in Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.

Here, I’m expecting cries of ‘But, that’s so hackneyed! Everyone does it; you can’t open a paper or a magazine without seeing something similar advertised.’

So what? We haven’t done it … in fact, we haven’t been to India before. Unless you count the short stopover in Bombay Airport in 1961. There, I bought a pair of cufflinks … which I still have; my very first souvenir of anywhere!



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