Posted by: travelrat | July 19, 2018

England’s ‘Biggest’ Fan

Coming Home 3

Many people will be familiar with the Maneken Pis statue in Brussels. Most of the time, he’s ‘as nature intended’, but they do have a wardrobe of outfits for him that they bring out on special occasions. Our own Ancestor is much bigger, so it would be much more of a job clothing him.

Nevertheless, we have had one or two occasions when it’s been thought appropriate to decorate him. He had a crown for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, and an Olympic Torch. And, each year, around Remembrance Day, he’s wreathed in poppies.

His latest ‘outfit’ was inspired by the England soccer team reaching the semi-final of the FIFA World Cup; higher than they’ve got in that competition for a long time. AR Metalcraft, the ‘Big Fella’s’ creators, even started work on a replica of the World Cup, which he could hold in the event that England won it.

But, although the Cup was finished, it was not to be; England lost the semi-final. So, anyone want a king-size replica of the World Cup? However, it’s more probable that they’ll keep it … in anticipation on World Cup 2022.

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