Posted by: travelrat | July 12, 2018

Cleaning the Kiwi

Kiwi 2

Bulford, 6th July 2018

It’s been some years since I posted about the Bulford Kiwi at , and next year will see the 100th Anniversary of its construction. So, it was thought that a little refurbishment might be in order before this grand occasion.

A huge amount of chalk soil was dug out by a large Army building project nearby, and, rather than just dump it, why not use it to brighten up the Kiwi? Getting it here was no problem, for the Royal Air Force agreed to help, sending a Chinook helicopter from 7 Squadron, RAF Odiham.

(I have often joked that the stones at Stonehenge were transported and raised by time-travellers with a heavy-lift helicopter; now such a vehicle is being used on another National Monument)

Volunteers were called for to spread the chalk, and they came from all walks of life; Landmarc, the Army’s estate agency, Operation Nightingale, an organisation which seeks to rehabilitate injured soldiers through archaeology, local people and the Army itself … (which made me wonder if they volunteered or ‘got volunteered’)

I couldn’t stay after midday, and I’d like to say I spent the morning working. But, along with the others, I actually spent the morning watching the helicopter. Did the organisers perhaps under-estimate the time it would take to ferry the material over? It was still ‘at it’ when I had to leave ….

I’d like to post a new photograph of the Kiwi itself, but that’s difficult because of the trees which have been planted since. It will have to wait until the leaves have fallen … unless I win the Lottery in the meantime, and can buy a drone and get permission to fly it nearby.

Kiwi 1

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