Posted by: travelrat | July 8, 2018

My Sunday Rant: Sequels, Prequels and Remakes

Not long ago, they announced the imminent release of Mamma Mia 2. I have mixed feelings about this. Mamma Mia was an enjoyable escapist romp, notwithstanding the fact that Pierce Brosnan couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket. But, will ‘2’ be as good? Indeed, my first thoughts were … why have these sequels, prequels and remakes? Don’t TV and movie makers ever have any original ideas?

But, on thinking about it, there’s good and bad. Most pundits say that even-numbered Star Trek ‘follow-ons’ are good; the odd-numbered ones not so good. And, The Next Generation far outshone the ‘original’ series. ‘Back to the Future II and III’ were all good … maybe they had the good sense to stop at 3?

Mel Gibson’s The Bounty combined the historical (fairly!!) accuracy of the Clark Gable Mutiny on the Bounty with some superb photography. The Trevor Howard/Marlon Brando version was, on the other hand, absolute dross, in my opinion. If I’d been the shade of Fletcher Christian, and seen myself portrayed as a mumbling fop, I’d have probably come back and haunted the place.

I have a list of films that I thought just couldn’t be improved on by a remake. One instance of me being proved wrong was the TV adaptation of Ben Hur … I could see Charlton Heston nodding approvingly. But, The Italian Job and Ocean’s 11? What were they thinking? Neither was a patch on the ‘original’ … although some people think so, they made sequels to Ocean’s 11.

Is anything safe? I’d hope we never see remakes of real classics, such as Brief Encounter or The Third Man. Though, come to think of it, it’s some time since I saw the originals!



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