Posted by: travelrat | June 28, 2018

Wenlock Priory

Wenlock Priory 2

Much Wenlock: 29th May 2018.

Just outside the village lay Wenlock Priory … or rather, what’s left of it, after Henry VIII had finished with it in the 16th Century.

There had been a religious building here since as early as 680 AD, but after the Norman Conquest, the land was given to Roger, Earl of Montgomery, who re-established if as a Cluniac priory.  The Cluniac order was fond of ornate carvings, some of which can still be seen in the Priory ruins.

Wenlock Priory 3

But, it’s not all ruins! King Henry gave it to his physician, who sold it on to the Lawley family. They converted the Prior’s House and the Infirmary into a dwelling which was called Abbey House.

Although the Priory ruins are now in the care of English Heritage, Abbey House is still lived in. It’s a private property, so not open to the public … which is a pity, because I am informed the gardens are well worth seeing.

Wenlock Priory 1

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