Posted by: travelrat | June 21, 2018

Much Wenlock

Much Wenlock 3

Much Wenlock: 29th May 2018.

We arrived in Much Wenlock long before the cyclists did, so we had plenty of time to look around. If I had my cynical hat on, I’d have dismissed it as chocolate boxy; the sort of vision of England that doesn’t exist outside of the imagination of a novelist, or the producer of a movie or TV programme.

However, I lost my cynical hat several years ago, and realised a lot of people like chocolate boxy. It sells a lot of chocolates anyway. Another disparaging description is ‘like a jigsaw puzzle’ … and there’s nothing wrong with that, either. I have a friend who makes quite a nice bit of pocket money selling photos of such places to manufacturers of jigsaw puzzles.

Since it’s a little bit off the beaten track, the town hasn’t suffered much from insensitive development; for instance, you won’t find any ‘big names’ here, who tend to rip the front out of old buildings in the name of ‘modernity’.

‘Stroll around the town centre’ advises the local tourist board’s website ‘and it may seem you have stepped back fifty or more years’

This was the hometown of Dr William Penny Brooks, who, in 1850 inaugurated the Wenlock Olympian Games, which are still held, and were the inspiration for the modern Olympic Games. Indeed, one of the mascots for the 2012 Olympics was named ‘Wenlock’

However, we didn’t have too much time to look around. Our own athletes would be arriving shortly, and I wanted to video their arrival.

Much Wenlock

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