Posted by: travelrat | June 14, 2018

All Around the Wrekin


Much Wenlock: 29th May 2018.

After lunch at Sutton St Nicholas, the cyclists left for Much Wenlock, where they would stay the night. We were to rejoin them there, and it would have been an easy matter to find the main road, and follow a simple route there. Bish, bash, bosh! as they say. But, we had plenty of time, so why not try a SATNAV-directed route along narrow country lanes?

Or, as they say in these parts ‘All around the Wrekin’ … translated into Cumbrian, ‘Aal ower t’spot’.

The Wrekin, a prominent hill around here is actually a little bit north of where we’re going, but I did see its silhouette in the distance at one time. This would be the first time I’ve actually seen it, although I’m familiar with it.

Not too far away is RAF Shawbury, and the Central Air Traffic Control School, where I did my Air Traffic Controller training in the RAF. On our training exercises, the Wrekin was a formidable obstacle we had to deal with … and many a student has forgotten to factor in the safety height, and crashed his aircraft into it. Fortunately, we were in the Simulator, and the only result of this was a scowl from the instructor; many weeks would pass before we were entrusted with real aircraft!

So, we reached Much Wenlock … mainly a ‘black and white’ town; I’m saving the words ‘quaint’ and ‘mediaeval’ for my upcoming Germany diary, lest I’m accused of over-using them. We found our boarding house … with the car-park about fifty yards back up a one-way street. Nothing for it but ‘round again’!

And, in a fairly short time, we were able to ring ‘finished with engines’ and go and enjoy a beer.

Much Wenlock 2

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