Posted by: travelrat | May 29, 2018

Music in Vienna


Vienna: 29th March 2018

When you talk about Vienna, you will probably mention that it’s known as the City of Music. Many composers, the most prominent of which were Mozart and the Strauss family were either born here, lived here or were just based here. Most people will be familiar with several pieces of Viennese music, even if they couldn’t put a name to the piece.

One of my favourites is Strauss the Elder’s Radetzky March … I used it as the ringtone on my phone at one time. I often idly wondered who Radetzky was. Marshal Joseph Radetzky was, in fact, a Czech-born nobleman and soldier, noted for his distinguished military career. He is also noted for introducing the cotelette milanese from Italy … which was eventually rebranded as the wiener schnitzel.

 One of the ‘extras’ on our cruise was a concert of Viennese music at the Palais Eschenbach, performed by ‘Vienna Supreme Concerts’, a seven piece orchestra.

They played music by the Strausses, Mozart, Schubert … and the ‘William Tell’ overture; they had obviously made Rossini a Viennese for the evening.  There were also ballet dancers and soloists … much respect to the latter, for they weren’t using, or, as far as I could see, wearing microphones of any kind. But, it was a very small hall, and wood panelled, which makes for great acoustics.

And, here’s a video clip … just a short one, to give something of an idea of the atmosphere.


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