Posted by: travelrat | May 22, 2018

Schönbrunn Palace

Schonbrunn 1

Schönbrunn: 29th March 2018

Our second day in Vienna was a ‘free day’, to explore the city at leisure, but we took the optional trip to the Schönbrunn Palace.  My first thought was if you see one Stately Home, you’ve seen them all. But, Schönbrunn is different; we already had some idea of its splendour from a DVD we have of an André Rieu concert there.

It was originally built as a hunting lodge for the emperor Joseph I in the early 18th Century, but when he died in 1711, it was used as a dower house by his widow. In 1742, work began the convert it to a stately summer residence for the Imperial family. However, constant interruptions, and interventions by the formidable Empress Maria Theresa meant that the work was not completed until the 1760s. Then, she commissioned the redesign of the gardens.

Schonbrunn 2

It was a bit too early in the year to see the extensive gardens at anything like their best, but they are free to wander around, and have been ever since the Habsburgs.  The only drawback is that the rest of the world regard it as a ‘must see’ too, so the palace itself is traversed in a guided shuffle. Like many such places, photography isn’t allowed inside, so I can’t show you what the opulent interior was like. You just have to go there … and maybe buy a postcard!

Schonbrunn 3

Lots of people have heard of the famous continental Christmas Markets; in the palace grounds, they had set up an Easter Market, selling the same sort of stuff, but, of course, Easter-themed



  1. In love with Vienna

  2. I never got to see this Palace thinking, like you, “seen one seen ’em all” but I know I missed something special.

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