Posted by: travelrat | May 17, 2018

Travel With … or Without … a Camera?


I came across this sign about six years ago, in Adelaide. The web address led me to the site of Canon cameras … in which, since I’ve always used Nikons, I didn’t really take much interest. They did have a point; phone cameras in those days didn’t take very high quality pictures … or, mine didn’t, anyway. But, it did come in handy when you came upon something snappable, and didn’t have a camera handy.

By and large, though, I thought as most photographers did. Using your phone to take photographs was like putting your dirty plates in the microwave, and expecting it to wash them.

Not any more.

The built-in cameras on phones these days can take pictures just as good as a conventional camera can. At least, so they say. My phone at the moment is probably the only one in the free world that doesn’t take pictures. (and, unlike my last one, it doesn’t play The Ride of the Valkyries when I get a call, either) But, I do have a tablet, which I occasionally use to take pictures, which I can almost instantly upload to Instagram when I’m on the move.

That took a bit of getting used to, as well. Watching people waving computers, instead of cameras around, I mean. It seems that some folk have abandoned cameras altogether, and rely solely on their phones or tablets for pictures.

Which isn’t a problem, really. As a wise friend once said, it doesn’t really matter how you take the photo; the picture is the thing. ‘If someone bakes you a nice cake’ he said ‘you don’t ask what kind of oven they used’

As long as they don’t jump in front of me, waving their device around, while I’m trying to take a picture.


I took this with my tablet; I think as good as a pic taken with a conventional camera?



  1. That’s a very interesting point. I’ve always tended to think camera phones are second rate, and hardly ever use mine, preferring a ‘real’ camera. Maybe I should use it more.

  2. I agree, the picture is the thing, but I’ll still use my camera as I find I have more camera shake when I use my phone. Also, I can change the settings on it (when I remember to) even when using auto. I just found a setting on my little compact Sony for taking pictures through glass! I wish I’d seen that earlier when I was on a coach trip.

    • I agree! I probably get much less shake on my SLR, because I still use the eye-level viewfinder … the screen chops the batteries up too much … and I think holding it against my face helps a great deal.

  3. Yes, definitely the eye-level viewfinder, but I’ve ditched the SLR camera now due to the weight. I now have two compacts, one pocket-sized Sony with a brilliant zoom and one a Panasonic Compact System (the one up from Compact). I’d love to say there is no difference between these two and an SLR but there is, but not enough to make me grieve.

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