Posted by: travelrat | May 1, 2018

Budapest Slide Show

Budapest Panorama

Budapest: 27th March 2018

A useful thing to have on the cruise was the ‘Vox boxes’ loaned to each passenger. I’ve written about these before; it’s a little radio receiver, with an earpiece, and the guide talks into the transmitter in his or her normal voice.

It means you don’t have to cluster around the guide, straining to hear what is said … and, more importantly for me is I can wander round looking for good photographic viewpoints, and still hear the commentary.

I also look for angles which exclude beer-bellies, baseball caps and selfie sticks; all things which spoil many a good travel photograph.

I think I found them here?

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  1. Very nice indeed. I loved the dried chillies especially.

    • An essential ingredient in a lot of Central European cuisine!

  2. Beautiful shots! Budapest is such a stunning, incredible city. Glad you enjoyed your trip!

    • Thank you! We did, and hope for a longer visit sometime in the future!

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