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Exploring Budapest

MS Travelmarvel Jewel, Budapest

Budapest: 27th March 2018

This morning, we did the City Tour. It was rather rushed, for our ship sailed at 12.30, and we wished we could have stayed longer. Nevertheless, we did see Heroes Square, with its imposing statuary.

Heroes Square

We also saw the Parliament Building, which we’d seen lit up on our short cruise the previous night, and of which they’re rightly proud.  The architect of the Margaret Bridge, which stands slightly upstream, said the views of the building from his bridge was the best he’d ever seen.

We also admired the St. Mathias church, from both outside and inside. This church was rebuilt in 1866 for the coronation of Emperor Franz Joseph I and Elisabeth of Bavaria in 1867.

We’ve already met Elisabeth … better known as ‘Sisi’, when we visited her palace in Corfu last year. We heard a lot more about her life and times here; it seems she loved Hungary, and the Hungarians loved her. They’ve named one of the bridges across the Danube in her honour. However, we heard a totally different view of her in Austria, later!

We took in the views of the city from the nearby Fishermen’s Bastion. This was designed by the same architect who designed St Mathias Church, and was named after the fishermen once responsible for the defence of this stretch of the river. In its present form, though, it has nothing to do with defence, and is just a lookout giving a superb panorama of the Danube far below.

Fishermen's Bastion

Equally good are the views from the former Royal Palace, next door to which lies the President’s house, guarded by immaculately uniformed and immobile soldiers. These buildings can be seen from the ship … and so, they also gave a super view of it.

Guard at the Presidential Palace

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