Posted by: travelrat | March 20, 2018



Pisac: 18th February 2017

The guides all advised to save any souvenir shopping till we got to Pisac. There, there is one of the best artisanal markets we’ve seen so far … and they’ll haggle. But first, lunch … at a rather nice restaurant called the Blue Llama. Then, we went shopping.

I’m always struck by the sheer colour of markets, and this was no exception. Their main stock in trade was knitwear … all in the bright colours associated with the Peruvian national costume. I remembered the vivid shades of the clothing of the Sami people in Norway, and suspect that, in each case, dye is used which comes from natural material.

So, I’m questioning … when we try to reproduce the clothing of prehistoric people, why do they come up with drab, sub-fusc shades? Surely, they must have liked a bit of colour in those days?

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