Posted by: travelrat | March 11, 2018

Moving the Stones

Moving Stones

To mark the centenary of the gift of Stonehenge to the nation, one of the events was moving and erecting a stone, using the same methods the original builders may have used. Note, I said ‘may have’ … this method seems to work best, and I believe illustrations have been found of a similar method used in Egypt around the same time.

But, it’s possible that the foreman of each gang may have used his own method.

Of course, there had to be a Rehearsal. They gathered such English Heritage staff and volunteers as they could manage on the Wednesday, and persuaded a few members of the public to join in. We managed to haul the stone to its socket hole, but there weren’t enough of us to raise it.

Then, on Friday was the Press Day. On this day, they succeeded in moving and raising the stone … with the assistance of an Italian rugby squad that happened to be visiting Stonehenge that day.

What the event illustrated, I think, wasn’t how the stones were moved and positioned; we already had a fairly good idea about that. It showed, rather, the combined effort required to achieve the task. It would have taken an organised society, with an influential leadership to persuade the number of people required that it was a good idea to haul those stones several miles, and arrange them in a circle.

Unless you subscribe to the theory that the wizard Merlin, or passing extra-terrestrials, or time-travellers with a heavy-lift helicopter lent a hand!


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