Posted by: travelrat | March 8, 2018


Benitses 2

Benitses: 17th October 2017

We bought another day ticket for the ‘blue buses’, and, once more, rode to the Old Town, to have a look around, and do some souvenir shopping. Then, we took a ride to Benitses, which is as far south as the ‘blue buses’ go. At first, there doesn’t seem to be much to see here; the seafront has been rather spoiled by poor planning. At the restaurant where we had lunch, the place-mats had pictures of how it was in 1965, when it was just a peaceful, rather charming fishing village.

There is a rather good description of Benitses as it was in those days, in ‘Greek Walls’, which I came across after we’d returned home, and which I mentioned a couple of weeks ago.

But, the ‘development’ was only a thin veneer; only a few steps inland showed us a really photogenic little village, with lots of alleys and steps which just invited exploration. Rather like, I suppose, a lovely piece of antique furniture given a coat of cheap emulsion … you only have to penetrate a thin shell to see its real beauty.

Benitses 1965

Place mat showing Benitses in 1965 

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