Posted by: travelrat | February 27, 2018

The Sacred Valley

The Sacred Valley

Sacred Valley: 18th February 2017

Our itinerary said that there would be a city tour of Cuzco on this day but, instead, they took us on a coach ride down into the Sacred Valley, which we passed through yesterday. That was probably a better idea, for it’s at a much lower altitude than Cuzco, and some of us were still feeling the effects of the altitude a bit.

It’s called the Sacred Valley, because it was, and still is an extremely fertile place. Every so often, the guides would point out ‘Inca fields’ … terraced like our own mediaeval ‘strip’ system. Near to one of these was a ‘mirador’, where we stopped for a short while. And, as they do wherever tourists gather, the locals had set up their stalls, selling mainly local handicrafts. However, the guide advised not to buy anything, as there was a large craft market at Pisac, our eventual destination.

The stallholders, however, brought their children, in their bright national costumes and they, in turn, brought some alpacas with them. They happily posed for photographs, then sang for us … in return for some largesse, of course! I suspect the kids made more from our short stop than their parents did.



  1. What a lovely splash of colour against the green fields. I could almost hear them singing!

    • It’s one of my favourite photos from this trip.

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