Posted by: travelrat | February 4, 2018

Shooting the Moon


Whenever something happens in the sky around here, be it eclipse, meteor shower, aurora or whatever … you can usually guarantee there’s going to be 8/8 cloud cover. So, it was quite a surprise that, on January 31st … the sky was almost completely clear.

On that night, the moon was in perigee. That’s when its orbit takes it closest to the earth. ‘Supermoons’ aren’t all that rare, but each one is greeted with statements in the Press and social media that this will be the closest the moon has been to the Earth since umpteen umpty-ump … and cameras are clicking all over the world. It was also a ‘blue moon’ … one in which the full moon occurs twice in a calendar month. That doesn’t happen ‘once in a blue moon’, either; the next one is in March.

(There was an eclipse of the moon, too. but this was only visible in the Southern Hemisphere)

Anyway, next day, of course, photographs appeared all over the Internet … and some were very good. I did try; just around dawn gave the best results, but my efforts fell well short of the best. On such occasions, I miss my favourite zoom lens, ‘Long Tom’. Sadly, when I ‘went digital’, it wouldn’t fit on my new camera. But, I’ll keep trying!


  1. That was a spectacular night with the supermoon. I caught a few shots myself but only high in the sky which didn’t compare its size like yours against skyline features.

  2. I would have been proud of this one, so don’t regret the loss of Long Tom too much. I too, have had to give up on the big camera and lens, but surprisingly. I’m getting used to the compact system.

    • I’m still using a DSLR, with an 18-55 lens. Most cases, I’ve found this quite satisfactory, because, if necessary, I can ‘zoom in’ with the computer. Sometimes, though, that doesn’t quite cut it, and I wish for something about 300. But, I can’t say I miss hauling ‘Long Tom., and his mare ‘Fat Betty’ around with me!

      • On the advice of a professional photographer friend, I bought the little Lumix DMC1770 for the zoom which is supposed to be the most powerful in its class and is quite incredible. I bought it to use only for zoom photography but it stays in my bag and is always to hand – well, nearly always. It’s a good accompaniment to my Sony Compact System (the one between compact and DSLR) with the extra lenses which is still much lighter than my DSLR which I’ve had to abandon. It’s sitting with my old Cannon which produced all my lovely, old slides, on top of the wardrobe, fondly looked at occasionally. If you’re near a Panasonic shop or a good camera shop, have a look at the little Lumix and its zoom. You will be surprised.

  3. I’ve had surprisingly good results from my little GoPro. It’s primarily a video camera, but it also produces good quality stills. And, it’s only about the size of a matchbox. I have been known, on occasion, to leave the DSLR behind, and just rely on my tablet and the GoPro, whose only disadvantage is you have to wait till you get to a computer before you see the results.

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