Posted by: travelrat | January 14, 2018

The Blue Eye Spring


Albania: 15th October 2017

When the Eastern Bloc collapsed in the late 80s/early 90s, Albania came out from under an oppressive Communist regime that didn’t really encourage visitors. So, they’re still trying to get their tourist industry in place, and I think they’re getting there, for we did see one or two things which are still below most people’s radar.

Like the the Blue Eye Springs, which are up in the mountains; a series of springs where the water flows at a constant volume and temperature, all year round. So, they don’t freeze in Winter, or dry up in Summer. It’s an attractive, forested area in which to walk, and, it would seem, from the number of cars with Albanian plates in the car park, a favourite place for local people to spend their leisure time.

Blue Eye 1

And, it showed what a friendly people the Albanians are; several people offered to help an elderly lady who was having difficulty with the path’

The area gets its name from the main spring, which, from the path above, looks just like a blue eye, winking at you.

Blue Eye-0

A little way downstream, there’s a little café, with a fountain, where you’re invited to fill your water bottle for free, which many did. And, I’ve got to say, that water tasted better than stuff you could pay a sometimes extortionate price for.

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