Posted by: travelrat | December 19, 2017


Ferry to Sarande

Ferry to Albania

We hadn’t intended to tick another country off the list on this trip, but Albania was just a loud shout across the water, and the ferries were reasonably priced. On the way across to Sarandë, I mentally reviewed what I knew about Albania, which wasn’t much. The capital is Tirana, they once had a king called Zog and they worship Norman Wisdom … and that’s about it, really. I did wonder if a bleat of ‘Mister Grimsdaaale!’ would get me a discount on my coffee, but I didn’t try it.

I hadn’t heard of Sarandë before, although it’s Albania’s second city. It’s a pleasant place; fairly quiet, with few people around. I wondered if that was because it was Sunday, or was it like that all the time?

Albania is slowly recovering from a rather oppressive Communist regime, under which visitors were discouraged. So, it’s relatively untouched at the moment, but it does have potential. The guides were knowledgeable and friendly, and spoke good English, and the bus was comfortable.

We found a tour which would take us to a World Heritage Site, and another attraction popular with local people … but more about those later.



This is the day that I slip away for a few days for my seasonal break. May I wish all who celebrate it a peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year, which I hope brings everything you wish for.



  1. For a moment, when I opened your post, I thought you’d gone and blown the family inheritance on a yacht and I was about to declare myself your Best Fried Forever, but reading on, I discovered it wasn’t so. Still, glad you enjoyed Albania, friends of mine toured there by car about ten years ago and found it both scary and exhilerating. Mind you, they were in their twenties.

    • Hmm! One of those high-speed ferries would convert nicely into a sea-going cabin cruiser, although maybe a little short of deck space. I was pleasantly surprised by this; I had visions of an elderly, leaky kaiki, skippered by a taciturn, pipe-smoking Anthony Quinn clone! 😀

      • I am from Albania and I have to say that in here we value tourists a lot so if you have any questions you can go ahead and ask me.

  2. We only spent a day in Albania, but we saw Butrint and the Blue Eye Spring. I’m sure there’s much more. Would you like do do a guest post on some other attraction for me? I’m afraid I can’t pay, though, so if you don’t want to do it, I’ll understand.

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